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RhythmBot's Play Along Drums and Percussion

Kyle Coughlin created RhythmBot by combining many different drum and percussion instruments (as well as important robot parts, of course). Point to the different instruments to see what they are, then click the mouse on that instrument to hear what it sounds like. You can also control all of the instruments with the keys on your computer keyboard. When you point to an instrument, the message on the screen will tell you which key controls it.

RhythmBot is made of 19 different musical instruments! See if you can find them all. Make up your own rhythms and have fun. If RhythmBot does not work properly, get the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player. It is a free download.

To find out more about rhythm and how it works, visit RhythmBot's Basic Introduction to Rhythm.


MetronomeBot -- the Online Talking Metronome


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