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A Basic Introduction to Rhythm
Part 1: The Beat

We will start with the most basic aspect of rhythm: the beat

The beat serves as the foundation of rhythm. It is the steady repeating pulse in music.

Click on the audio example below to hear a demonstration of the beat in music (you must have Flash Player to hear it). The beat will be played by a percussion instrument called the wood block. You will hear the wood block play four beats and then the music example will begin. The wood block will continue to play on each beat of the example. Tap your foot or clap your hands along with the wood block to feel the beat.

If you’d like to test your sense of the beat, play this fun, interactive exercise below. Click on the orange Interactive Play button to start. The music you will hear is exactly the same as the example above. It begins with four beats played on the wood block. When the music starts, click the blue RhythmBot button at the beginning of every beat. If you are too early or too late, RhythmBot will let you know.

Most computer mice make a sound for both the upward and downward motion when you click them. Make sure that you press the mouse downward on the beginning of each beat.

The next aspect of rhythm is tempo.
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